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Get the Most HD Out of Your Scientific Atlanta Set-top Box

16th Dec 2007TV

If you own an HD Scientific Atlanta set-top box and utilize an HDMI or DVI connection to your TV, you’re most likely not […]

DivX Enabled TV

130th Aug 2007Good Ideas, TV

Holy crap… HD TV good, DivX good, HD TV with build in DivX AWESOME! The only thing better than watching DivX on TV […]

Please GAWD stop George Lucas… enough Star Wars already!

29th May 2007Oddities, TV

Looks like George Lucas is up to it again and willing to mess around further with the once amazing Star Wars franchise by […]


227th Mar 2007Oddities, TV

This month season 3 of the new Dr. Who series starts airing in Britain. What better time than now to explore the TARDIS […]

South Park Family Portraits

018th Mar 2007TV

I found this over on Deviant Art and it’s really quite good. Click through for a high res version.

Mr Muggles Is The Most Powerful Hero… maybe

113th Mar 2007TV

I love Heroes and I love Heroes analysis on the web. That being the case, I couldn’t help myself when I stumbled across […]

Wild Skeleton Feet Tattoo

07th Mar 2007TV

Shannon over on ModBlog posted a wild set of tattooed feet that look like skeleton feet. Amazingly odd yet intriguing. Go check out […]

Heroes Season 2 A Completely New Story

05th Mar 2007TV

It looks like Heroes is going to wrap up the season 1 storyline in the next few episodes with season 2 to be […]

The local news loves the EMOs!

11st Mar 2007Music, Oddities, TV

You gotta love it when the media takes things out of context. Must have been a slow news day. My favourite part was […]

Bye Bye Revver?

127th Jan 2007Good Ideas, TV

Looks like the big news this weekend is that YouTube is jumping into the paid content creator business. They’ve announced that they will […]

The Vidmeter

020th Jan 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas, TV

Vidmeter is the latest video aggregator to merge all your favs from YouTube, Revver, and all the other popular streaming sites but focuses […]

Transcode This!

017th Jan 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas, TV

I’ve been thinking of building something like this for a while. Basically, upload any video file and pick a target format for transcoding. […]

The Venice Project is a Mozilla Browser?

013th Jan 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, TV

The Venice Project is all the rage right now. NewTeeVee has an interview with the TVP folks and dig into some of the […]

Moving Beyond Broadband Pre and Post Roll Video

09th Dec 2006Code and Nerd Stuff, TV

As of recently, broadband video has become the norm. As part of that comes advertising. The good folks over at Lost Remote point […]

Cartman wants a Wii!

02nd Nov 2006TV

Cartman wants a Wii. I gotta admit, it is pretty cool.

Chad Vader Is AWESOME

03rd Aug 2006Oddities, TV

Yes.. I am slacking.

Dave Chapelle Supports Mac

022nd Jul 2006Oddities, TV

Dave Chapelle Supports Macs for a “good” reason.

The Big Lebowski – Fucking Short Version

020th Jul 2006Oddities, TV

Gotta love good editting! FUCK!

Chris Angel Revealed

529th Jun 2006TV

Great commentary by Chris Angel himself about how his illusion of floatation really works. Pretty tricky stuff.

Lost Mysteries

026th Jun 2006TV

I’m not a uge fan of Lost, but with all the talk abot the show it is hard not to get a little […]

Starwars TV series

021st Mar 2006TV

According to the Beeb (BBC) the rumours of the upcoming Star Wars TV series are confirmed. The TV series spin-off of the Stars […]

Slashdot says Futurama is back…

119th Mar 2006TV

Check out this interesting post on Slashdot that mentions another 26 brand new episodes of Futurama… I so hope this is true… Another […]

Welcome Back Kotter Movie – WTF?

014th Mar 2006Oddities, TV

Looks like Ice Cube is producing the upcoming Welcome Back Kotter movie… WTF?!? Dimension Films has completed a deal to turn the ABC […]

Mac Mini vs. Microsoft Media Center

110th Mar 2006Apple, TV

The folks over at CNET UK have pitted a Mac Mini against a Windows Media PC to see which makes a better platform […]

Live Action Simpsons Intro

04th Mar 2006Oddities, TV

French Maid TV: How To Give CPR

12nd Mar 2006Good Ideas, Oddities, TV

Oh the ever educational French Maids are back at it with their new How To Give CPR. Not only do they cover the […]

Urban DH Biker vs Brit in a Clio

626th Feb 2006Bikes, Good Ideas, Oddities, TV

Mike from Full Frontal turned me onto Top Gear a while ago when we noticed they had put alot of their stuff up […]

Woot! – VJ Search is on iTunes

016th Feb 2006Music, TV

It’s official. Subscribe to the official iTunes podcast and watch VJ Search on your Video iPod. UPDATE – has an article on […]

MythBusters Lost Experiments

015th Jan 2006TV

Myth Busters is definately one of the more interesting shows on the air nowadays. Their odd and qwerky experiments are aways entertaining and […]

Cisco buys Scientific Atlanta

018th Nov 2005Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas, TV

According to the good folks over on Arstechnica, Cisco is buying Scientific Atlanta. Cisco Systems Inc. has agreed to acquire Scientific Atlanta, a […]

Mercedes pile-up on TV

016th Nov 2005Oddities, TV

Looks like Mercedes ended up with egg on their face when a televised demo of their new automated, coputer controlled safety features failed […]

Playboy – Penthouse Pod

04th Nov 2005Apple, Good Ideas, Oddities, TV

Playboy and Penthouse are lusting for a video iPod adult market. The subway will never be safe again…

Zombies are so the new Lockness Monster

12nd Nov 2005Music, Oddities, Photography, TV

This is a pretty kick ass concept art project. Looks like a class worth of kids have taken it upon themselves to re-enact […]

Jobs ready to sell Pixar?

02nd Nov 2005Apple, TV

CNN Money is reporting that Pixar may be up for sale to none other than Disney. The New York Times reports Jobs, who […]

More free BBC content for mobile devices

01st Nov 2005TV

Independent Online Edition > Busy day for broadband video fun with it looking like the BBC is going to be offering up their […]

Sony Announces PSP Podcasting Support

01st Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, TV

Well it looks like the PSP is officially in the game for podcasting, including video support for a whack of formats. This might […]

Archie… GOTH’s are people too!

028th Oct 2005Oddities, TV

Looks like even the Riverdale gang has jumped on the good ol’ goth bandwagon. Oh the sadness…. oh the darkness…. I guess if […]