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Joyride 150

016th Jan 2010Oddities

Maui Certainly Is Magical

09th Jan 2010Oddities

Sunset Beach Haleakala Volcano Haleakala Volcano Condo Sunset Mini Golf

SXSW 2010 Damn Good Manager Panel

117th Aug 2009Oddities

Hey there! If you are looking at this entry you may very well have been brought here by the SXSW 2010 panel picker […]

Sponge Bob Death Metal Pants

29th Dec 2008Oddities

And just for some good measure… Metal Muppets!

I Make A Mean Breakfast

224th Jul 2008Oddities, Photography, Quickbits

There are few things in the world that I love more than making a big breakfast. My good friend IdiotBanter captured it perfectly […]

Red Bull Flugtag 2008 Coming to Ottawa

127th May 2008Oddities

If you read this blog on a semi regular basis you’ll know I tend to think pretty highly of Red Bull and their […]

Stop Motion Transformers

128th Apr 2008Oddities

Transformers Stop Motion – Awesome! – Watch more free videos

The 4am Easter Egg Heist

123rd Mar 2008Oddities

This is how I believe the Great Easter Egg Heist of 2008 took place. A true story…

iBand Rock Out on iPhone and Nintendo DS

018th Feb 2008Apple, Music, Oddities

It was just last week that I was saying we should start an iPod band with all the funny little music apps available […]

9 Year Old Kids Beats Guitar Hero III on Expert

223rd Dec 2007Oddities

9 year old beats through the fire and flames – Watch more free videos Speechless!

‘w00t’ Named 2007 Word of the Year

12th Dec 2007Oddities

According to Slashdot, WOOT is the word of the year. w00t’, the “small word that packs a pretty big punch”, has been named […]


023rd Nov 2007Oddities

The universal language of “dude”.

Rstevens of Diesel Sweeties Rules!

02nd Nov 2007Oddities

Best tweet ever… and he’s probably right. “if all the TV writers go on strike, i bet i can write every sitcom in […]

Cowboy Nixon

120th Oct 2007Oddities, Photography, Quickbits

SweetMoniMons was torturing the dogs again with Halloween costumes. Nixon didn’t seem to hate the cowboy outfit. First Yoda, now this… what next […]

Boba Fett Streetwear

21st Oct 2007Oddities

Looks like Mark Ecko is at it again with a line of Starwars inspired streetwear Ecko’s got a new line of Star Wars-inspired […]

When Graffiti is Real Art

216th Sep 2007Oddities

Move beyond random tagging and graffiti is a pretty kick ass art form. The Wooster Collective prove it.

Hilarious Starwars Subtitles

09th Sep 2007Oddities

When direct Chinese to English translation goes wrong you certainly end up with some very funny pirated DVDs. I was walking past my […]

Geek Dating Humour

130th Aug 2007Oddities

Diesel Sweeties cracks me up sometimes.

Chocolate Rain by Chad Vader

019th Aug 2007Oddities

YouTube – Chocolate Rain by Chad Vader

Dock Jumping

118th Jul 2007Oddities

The brats at the cottage finally figured out that it’s fun to launch themselves off the dock…

Glad I’m not the little cave man

19th Jul 2007Good Ideas, Oddities

I’ve seen this dinosaur paper toy all over the place and I soooo want one. A super fun animated paper model for you […]

The Wind

09th Jul 2007Oddities

Thanks Mike!

Canada Day Weekend

18th Jul 2007Oddities

Does this make me stoooopid now?

328th Jun 2007Oddities

Well as of 10am this morning I am officially stooooopid. In other words, my wisdom teeth extraction was a success. To my surprise […]

Chicken Fried Bacon?

111th Jun 2007Oddities

Chicken fried bacon is so wrong. Healthy it ain’t! Chicken Fried Bacon is the newest fad in fatty foods, courtesy of Frank Sodolak […]

Gotta Get Me A Giant Chair Robot

06th Jun 2007Oddities

It is only a matter of time before your favourite recliner will be able to walk you to work, walk the dog, run […]

Crumpler Bags 4 Beer Sale Rules!

02nd Jun 2007Bikes, Oddities

Success… $60 worth of Grolsch beer traded for a $100+ courier bag and an invite to the end of sale party. FTW! Beer […]

Ultimate Pac-Man Skeleton

227th May 2007Oddities

This little Pac-Man skeleton sure would look good on my mantle. This Pac-Man skeleton was put together by Le Gentil Garçon and paleontologist […]

The Vader Project

126th May 2007Good Ideas, Oddities, Photography

Considering it’s the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars release, it’s only appropriate that there was an amazing art show that allowed […]

Please GAWD stop George Lucas… enough Star Wars already!

29th May 2007Oddities, TV

Looks like George Lucas is up to it again and willing to mess around further with the once amazing Star Wars franchise by […]

Steam Punk R2D2

09th Apr 2007Oddities

Seems like the whole Steam Punk thing has gotten big over the last 6 months and now we have a gorgeous Steam Punk […]

Air Shower Removes Germs, Dignity – Gizmodo

16th Apr 2007Oddities

Looks like organizations and building managers who are germ-o-phobes can now install an air shower and have visitors purify themselves before infecting the […]

Nintendo ON!

131st Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities

One of the best gaming hoaxes I’ve seen. The production values for this are fantastic! Would you believe it was all made by […]


227th Mar 2007Oddities, TV

This month season 3 of the new Dr. Who series starts airing in Britain. What better time than now to explore the TARDIS […]

Beer battered bacon wrapped cheese injected hotdogs – OH MY!

624th Mar 2007Oddities

I don’t know if I should be grossed out or totally impressed by the ever creative Bacon, Cheese, and Beer Dog. I originally […]

Is this really what LSD feels like?

224th Mar 2007Oddities

This YouTube video attempts to depict the effect that LSD has on a user. Having never tried LSD this was an interesting interpretation […]

The Bluetooth Douche Bag

021st Mar 2007Oddities, Quickbits

Kat may have had the luxury and micro-fame of coining the term “Basecamp Douche” so I’m staking my claim on the term “Bluetooth […]

2014 – The Year of Google Epic

110th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities, Privacy

As Google grows its level of influence and control over the internet experience many people wonder what it will be like in the […]

The local news loves the EMOs!

11st Mar 2007Music, Oddities, TV

You gotta love it when the media takes things out of context. Must have been a slow news day. My favourite part was […]

Gates vs. Jobs

118th Feb 2007Apple, Oddities

CurrentTV has a great Apple vs. PC parody that’s just hilarious! This is too good. You gotta love the Finder’s song and dance […]

Super Hero Dating Quiz

217th Feb 2007Oddities

Looking for love? Need a partner who’s out of this world? Check out the Super Hero Dating Quiz at Comicvine. Comicvine has teamed […]

Thanks A Lot Air Canada

214th Feb 2007Oddities

Holy crap you might not believe it but Air Canada impressed me today. As you know the Keebler and I have been traveling […]

Will Murai

010th Feb 2007Oddities

I literally StumbledUpon Will Murai’s portfolio and was throughly blown away by his illustrations. These are some of the most unique illustrations I […]

How to win Wii Tennis

010th Feb 2007Oddities

Wii Tennis is one addicting game. When the pressure is on and the game is heating up you need to have a solid […]

Best eCards Ever!

08th Feb 2007Good Ideas, Oddities

Diesel Sweeties ridiculous ecards are the coolest and funniest around. Send some to your sweety stat!

Quote Of The Day

21st Feb 2007Oddities

“I think we should all get iPhone pizza. Jay gets a Zune pizza” – Neil Baylor UPDATED (Another good one we just remembered…) […]

Coffee MP3?

020th Jan 2007Oddities

Need coffee to help you wake up in the morning but don’t like the caffeine? You need to listen to the coffee MP3. […]

If The Corporate World Met Web2.0

213th Jan 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities

Click through to see all the glossy goodness. I especially like the Quaker Oats refinements… actually I like them all I think.

CES Day 1 – Bill Gates Has Officially Left The Building

08th Jan 2007CES2007, Oddities

Ok… I just wasted an hour and a half of my life in one of the most uninspired keynote addresses of recent memory. […]

2007 Star Wars Rose Parade

01st Jan 2007Oddities

Looks like the Rose Parade was invaded by Star Wars. A behind-the-scenes look at the Star Wars Spectacular at the 2007 Rose Parade: […]