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First Impressions of the iPhone 3G

117th Jul 2008iPods and iPhones

It has been less than a day, but I thought I might as well post my first impressions of the new iPhone 3G. […]

I’m Getting An iPhone

413th Jul 2008iPods and iPhones, Twitter

It took a while but I am proud to announce that Rogers and I have come to a mutually agreed upon iPhone deal. […]

Rogers iPhone Pricing Leaked

119th Jun 2008Apple, iPods and iPhones, Photography

Looks like Rogers is gearing up for the iPhone launch and have seeded their internal staff with some initial pricing information on data […]

MobileScrobbler client for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

2nd Dec 2007Apple, iPods and iPhones

I dropped a while back because the AudioScrobbler software did a crappy job of syncing my iPod listening with my profile. Enter […]

Mobile Safari-izing your blog is easy

37th Oct 2007Apple, iPods and iPhones

So I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my brand new iPod Touch and as such I’m going nuts finding Mobile Safari optimized […]