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Microsoft’s Mac Lab

121st Apr 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

David Weiss has documented a great photo tour of the Microsoft Mac Business Unit lab. I’m going to write a little bit more […]

AppZapper free today… maybe

03rd Apr 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Installing apps in OSX is easy. Drag and drop the icon package and yer done. That’s great until you want to uninstall and […]

How to Run Windows on an Intel Mac with Q

022nd Mar 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Not only can you install XP on a MacIntel, but there is also a “new” virtual machine to run XP inside OSX. Q […]

3000 iBooks in 3 Days

019th Mar 2006Apple

Thanks to this crazy gallery, it looks like the students at Miramar High School are all set to receive their iBooks. Miramar High […]

Mac Mini vs. Microsoft Media Center

110th Mar 2006Apple, TV

The folks over at CNET UK have pitted a Mac Mini against a Windows Media PC to see which makes a better platform […]

Pac Mac on iPod

08th Mar 2006Apple

A port of Mame Pac Mac has been ported over to the latest crop of iPods. Forget Breakout. Those industrious folks at the […]

Mac OS X hacked in under 30 minutes

06th Mar 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

This is not good. The contest pitted the hacker community against a Mac mini setup in a standard server configuration. Thanks to undocumented […]

Mac mini in a Mac SE/30

01st Feb 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Old school Mac Mods are always fun, especially when they involve smooshing a new Mac Mini into a classic MacSE case – original […]

50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod (

022nd Jan 2006Apple, Music

Monsieur Kottke has compiled the definitive 50 fun things to do with your iPod and it’s pretty quirky. In the four years since […]

Star Wars Meet Macbook!

010th Jan 2006Apple

Oh those kids over on Gizmodo and their oh so creative use of iMovie. I absolutely laughed my ass off when I saw […]

Apple Mac Mini Big Ideas

022nd Dec 2005Apple

Looks like Apple may be turning a new leaf and actualy begin to acknowledge some of the more unique uses of the Mac […]

Revenge of the Tattooed Nerds

012th Dec 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities, Tattoo and BodyMod

Shannon over on BME has pulled together a great collection of “geek” tattoos and commentary from the folks adorned with them. One of […]

‘Podcast’ Is the Word of the Year

06th Dec 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities

The geeks are taking over! Only a year ago, podcasting was an arcane activity, the domain of a few techies and self-admitted “geeks.” […]

Powerbook Tattoo

029th Nov 2005Apple, Oddities

Add one part powerbook to one part etching tool, stir in a little BMEzine and you get a rather interesting concept tattoo for […]

They shall call him ‘mini-mac’

025th Nov 2005Apple

What can I say… it’s retro origami cool. if only i had a colour laser printer.


023rd Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas, Music

Finally a useful tool for the PSP that allows you to control your iTunes collection via your PSP over WiFi. CoverBuddy has an […]

$100 laptop takes world stage

016th Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas has the first official pictures of the $100 MIT laptop. At a world Internet summit in Tunisia, MIT Media Lab Chairman Nicholas […]

Open Source Mac

015th Nov 2005Apple

If you are new to the Mac or just a fan of decent open source apps for OSX, check out Open Source […]

A tower for your Mac Mini

014th Nov 2005Apple

Think your Mac Mini is too small and discrete? Why not string together from add on hardware to make it even more of […]

The Apple rumour mill is alive and well

012th Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Looks like th guys over at Piper Jaffray are engaging in some more wishful thinking. Munster envisions a one terabyte iPod as a […]

Apple patent shows company possibly preparing for OS War

010th Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

According to, Apple could be preparing to blow people’s socks off with the first Intel Macs. It certainly looks like they are […]

iDoom for the iPod nano

09th Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Remember when Doom was the shit? Well it is pretty cool when you think about it on your iPod. Programmers Benjamin Eriksson and […]

Playboy – Penthouse Pod

04th Nov 2005Apple, Good Ideas, Oddities, TV

Playboy and Penthouse are lusting for a video iPod adult market. The subway will never be safe again…

Intel OSX Finally Catches Up With Its PPC Cousin

03rd Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

I’m totally excited to hear that the latest developer release of OSX-Intel is now exactly the same as the PPC version. The most […]

Jobs ready to sell Pixar?

02nd Nov 2005Apple, TV

CNN Money is reporting that Pixar may be up for sale to none other than Disney. The New York Times reports Jobs, who […]

Sony Announces PSP Podcasting Support

01st Nov 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff, TV

Well it looks like the PSP is officially in the game for podcasting, including video support for a whack of formats. This might […]

iTunes Music Store Sells One Million Videos in Less Than 20 Days

031st Oct 2005Apple

Holy crap! I knew the iPod with video capabilities was gonna change stuff, but I can’t help remembering how long it took the […]

iKeychain Is Bombproof – almost…

029th Oct 2005Apple

The guys over at Rainy Day Magazine broke out the video camera, SUV and their iPod nano to test out the very impressive […]

Sim Daltonism

026th Oct 2005Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

A very neat real time colour blindness simulation tool for OSX. It’s one thing to talk about building with accessibility in mind, but […]

Nano class action suit

022nd Oct 2005Apple, Music

Although I personally disagree with this complaint, it appears that people ain’t all that pleased about their scuffed iPod nano screens. ” Claiming […]

Safari Nightly Builds – woohoo!

018th Oct 2005Apple

The folks over at Apple have been nice enough to begin knocking out nightly builds of the Safari web browser. Seeing as I […]

iPod Lego

026th Sep 2005Apple

The BrixPod Classic is a signed and numbered limited edition of 300 units. Each BrixPod is assembled by hand from 59 genuine LEGO® […]