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Time Machine and Macbooks on Battery Power

230th Oct 2007Apple

I just noticed a very interesting feature of Leopard’s new Time Machine app. It’s been a couple days since upgrading to Leopard and […]

Properly Enable Stereo Bluetooth (A2DP) in Leopard

1128th Oct 2007Apple

This afternoon I came across an amazing deal on a pair of Plantronics 590 bluetooth stereo headphones for $30. How could I resist, […]

Plugsuit Brings Back InputManagers in Leopard

127th Oct 2007Apple

OSX plug-ins are back in the old Leopard game thanks to PlugSuit PlugSuit is a plug-in enabler for Mac OS X; it helps […]

Storm The Gates III

025th Oct 2007Bikes

It was an interesting night and I hope the good out weighed the bad. Lots of fun was had but unfortunately our Bike […]

Cowboy Nixon

120th Oct 2007Oddities, Photography, Quickbits

SweetMoniMons was torturing the dogs again with Halloween costumes. Nixon didn’t seem to hate the cowboy outfit. First Yoda, now this… what next […]

Mobile Safari-izing your blog is easy

37th Oct 2007Apple, iPods and iPhones

So I’m still in the honeymoon phase with my brand new iPod Touch and as such I’m going nuts finding Mobile Safari optimized […]

Boba Fett Streetwear

21st Oct 2007Oddities

Looks like Mark Ecko is at it again with a line of Starwars inspired streetwear Ecko’s got a new line of Star Wars-inspired […]