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Tiger WordPress Admin Plugin is really nice!

130th Sep 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

I stumbled upon this killer plugin that uses CSS2 to reformat and improve the usability of the standard WordPress admin tools. The current […]

The Blogosphere is calling on Microsoft to abandon Vista

127th Sep 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

The topic of Vista and how badly it sucks came up at lunch today. Interestingly enough posted a blog entry on the […]

Self balancing, one wheeled skateboard

024th Sep 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

You just have to love the fact that Segway type technology has made it’s way to the common man. Seriously… this is pretty […]

Why does Apple Hate Canada?

019th Sep 2007Apple

The puppet seems to have a point here…

When Graffiti is Real Art

216th Sep 2007Oddities

Move beyond random tagging and graffiti is a pretty kick ass art form. The Wooster Collective prove it.

Hilarious Starwars Subtitles

09th Sep 2007Oddities

When direct Chinese to English translation goes wrong you certainly end up with some very funny pirated DVDs. I was walking past my […]

iTunes movie rentals could make AppleTV very useful

38th Sep 2007Apple, Good Ideas

The internet was abuzz this morning with news of leaking info that suggests Apple is planning on moving into the movie rental business […]