How long have bike cops been exempt from “the rules”?

229th Apr 2007Bikes

Today was a nice spring afternoon and as such I decided it was a good idea to head out for a late afternoon ride. Traffic was decent and things were going well as I headed east into The Beaches along Queen St.

Up ahead of me were 2 bike cops. As a matter of course I decided to stick back a little and resist my temptation to blow past them at full speed. Interestingly enough, hanging back allowed me to watch the interesting interpretation that the bike cops had regarding the rules of the road.

Over a five minute period, with no signs of a police emergency, I witnessed them cut around traffic by riding up onto the sidewalk, blowing past open streetcar doors, and casually turning left through a red light in heavy traffic. All this while myself and another singlespeed rider watched in the background.

I’m not necessarily a perfect rider but clearly, shouldn’t these police officials be setting an example? If I were in a car and took such a liberal view on the rules of the road I would be in some major trouble pretty quickly. Shouldn’t bike cops not only be police officers but also true cyclists?

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  1. Braedel (April 30, 2007, 4:38 am).

    I am above the law! Watch me ride.

  2. Geoff (April 30, 2007, 8:54 am).

    I think cops should always act according to the laws set for everyone else. I’ve been passed several times in my car, driving the limit, while the cop passes me. Or my personal favourite, when they hit the lights just so they can get through a red light, but feel no need to speed off for any reason, and turn the lights off on the other side.

    Frankly, the bike cops should be even more cautious, since bicyclists already have a bit of a bad name for those very habits you mentioned.

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