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Nintendo ON!

131st Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities

One of the best gaming hoaxes I’ve seen. The production values for this are fantastic! Would you believe it was all made by […]


227th Mar 2007Oddities, TV

This month season 3 of the new Dr. Who series starts airing in Britain. What better time than now to explore the TARDIS […]

InterfaceLIFT has GREAT backgrounds and icons!

125th Mar 2007Quickbits

InterfaceLIFT has an amazing collection of icons, backgrounds, and theme files for Windows, OSX, and Linux. This is definitely a site to keep […]

Beer battered bacon wrapped cheese injected hotdogs – OH MY!

624th Mar 2007Oddities

I don’t know if I should be grossed out or totally impressed by the ever creative Bacon, Cheese, and Beer Dog. I originally […]

Is this really what LSD feels like?

224th Mar 2007Oddities

This YouTube video attempts to depict the effect that LSD has on a user. Having never tried LSD this was an interesting interpretation […]

Blog Traffic And Why I Joined The One Million Dollar Race

122nd Mar 2007Good Ideas

It’s no surprise to my regular readers that I’ve been working a lot harder on generating new and “interesting” content lately. With some […]

Hyper Personalization in Advertising on a Billboard Near You Soon!

322nd Mar 2007Good Ideas

Ever since the Aqua Teen Hunger Force debacle last month I’ve found myself thinking a lot more about the ways to promote and […]

The Bluetooth Douche Bag

021st Mar 2007Oddities, Quickbits

Kat may have had the luxury and micro-fame of coining the term “Basecamp Douche” so I’m staking my claim on the term “Bluetooth […]

Tech-Speak As A Second Language

019th Mar 2007Good Ideas

You can certainly tell we are in the 21st century when “tech-speak” has become a viable second language. While knowing how to speak […]

Bluetooth Proximity Detection with OS X

018th Mar 2007Apple, Good Ideas

Dispite the fact that this whole blog entry is one huge image (to protect the code samples?) it does demonstrate a really neat […]

South Park Family Portraits

018th Mar 2007TV

I found this over on Deviant Art and it’s really quite good. Click through for a high res version.

Gawker – Time Laps Movie Captures in OSX

117th Mar 2007Apple

Ever want to create a timelaps movie on your Mac with your iSight? Now you can with Gawker. Gawker is an application for […]

Anatomical Hand Tattoo

117th Mar 2007Tattoo and BodyMod

ModBlog is at it again with an amazing hand tattoo that depicts the inner workings of a human hand in great detail. Check […]

Mailplane – The Gmail OSX Desktop Mail Client

115th Mar 2007Apple

Gmail is many a Mac user’s mail system of choice. Great SPAM protection, unlimited space, and an always accessible web frontend. On the […]

Assignment Zero – Crowdsourced News

115th Mar 2007Good Ideas

The news and journalism world is set to evolve yet again as Wired Magazine experiments with “crowdsourced” news collaboration. This project offers any […]

XHTML 2.0 – Get Your Web Developer Engines Running

014th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

XHTML2.0 is right around the corner. As one would expect it is an evolution of the current XHTML1.0 spec but adds in a […]

Canada Welcomes Number Portability

314th Mar 2007Good Ideas

Canadian number portability is in full effect here in Canada. In the last couple of days the mobile companies have literally gone mental […]

Mr Muggles Is The Most Powerful Hero… maybe

113th Mar 2007TV

I love Heroes and I love Heroes analysis on the web. That being the case, I couldn’t help myself when I stumbled across […]

Discover your VisualDNA

113th Mar 2007Good Ideas

As per my usual routine I was reading blogs when I came across Geoff’s posting about VisualDNA. I couldn’t resist checking it out […]

Amazon Pays People To Help Artificial Intelligence Get Smarter

310th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

Amazon has a new offering which allows humans to earn cash by assisting artificial intelligence systems. Basically all you need to do is […]

2014 – The Year of Google Epic

110th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities, Privacy

As Google grows its level of influence and control over the internet experience many people wonder what it will be like in the […]

Hottest Nerd Crushes Over on Maxim

09th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Photography, Quickbits

Maxim has collected and catalogued the top 10 hottest nerd crushes. Liv Tyler in LOTR, Milla Jovovich, Jennifer Garner, 7 of 9 – […]

MBA 2.0 – An MBA for the Modern World

69th Mar 2007Good Ideas

I’m not a huge fan of the whole traditional MBA culture. 20 years ago an MBA had value, but now they seem to […]

Run Your Own Phone Sex Line With Skype

18th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

Skype has just released a new service for Skype-to-Skype calls which allows Skype users to charge for incoming calls. This could be the […]

Wild Skeleton Feet Tattoo

07th Mar 2007TV

Shannon over on ModBlog posted a wild set of tattooed feet that look like skeleton feet. Amazingly odd yet intriguing. Go check out […]

Is Your Site Censored in China?

16th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

It’s now as simple as a 10 second test to check if your site has been censored in China. The aim is to […]

Heroes Season 2 A Completely New Story

05th Mar 2007TV

It looks like Heroes is going to wrap up the season 1 storyline in the next few episodes with season 2 to be […]

Install and Boot OS X On a Flash Drive

25th Mar 2007Apple

Brad Bergeron has put together an amazingly detailed tutorial covering how to make Mac OS X install and boot from a USB flash […]

Mazda2 Sneak Peek at Geneva Motor Show

14th Mar 2007Good Ideas

Autoblog just posted picts of the brand new Mazda2. It’s compact but super sexy with one of the nicest front ends I have […]

Update Twitter with a Simple OSX Widget

04th Mar 2007Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Ok so I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon the other day. The concept is fun and all but I was a little disappointed […]

Finetune Web Radio Player for Wii

04th Mar 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

I posted an entry about a while ago. At the time I was impressed by their ability to define on-the-fly playlists that […]

BMX + Van with moving ramp = SICK Crash!

03rd Mar 2007Bikes

More Action Sport goodness over on Rip TV!

The local news loves the EMOs!

11st Mar 2007Music, Oddities, TV

You gotta love it when the media takes things out of context. Must have been a slow news day. My favourite part was […]

Free Belkin TuneCommand AV for iPod Remote

71st Mar 2007Apple

The title says it all. For some unknown reason, Belkin is giving away free TuneCommand AV remotes for your iPod. All you need […]