Canon TX1 – digital still and HD video all in one

222nd Feb 2007Photography

TX1Canon has stepped up the plate with an amazing new dual purpose camera that not only shoots 7.1 mega pixel still images, but is also capable of recording 720p 16:9 HD movies.

Augmented by a simple press of the power button – this digital camera comes alive and the family resemblance to not one, but many of Canon’s crowning camera achievements becomes immediately apparent…a stainless-steel barrier on the camera’s leading-edge slides away to unleash the PowerShot TX1 digital camera’s formidable (and optically image-stabilized) 10x optical zoom lens that glides smoothly from its resting place into the open air. Unfold a simple yet securely hinged housing, and an 115,000-pixel Vari-Angle LCD screen is freed to swivel camcorder-like from the PowerShot TX1 digital camera’s side.

This digital dynamo even adds a 30 fps High Definition (HD) 720p widescreen (16:9) capability to its movie mode at the press of a button. What’s more, the PowerShot TX1 digital camera has easy connectivity to play its movies or high quality stills back on high-def TVs, thanks to Canon’s thoughtful inclusion of a convenient component video output terminal.

Not only is this a power packed little camera, but it also comes with advanced facial recognition, the newest DIGICIII processor and a very reasonable suggested retail price of approximately $500. Assuming you can throw in a nice big storage card and you can shoot a decent amount of video (rather than 30 second clips) this may just be the camera that every amateur video podcaster has dreamed about.

The only obvious down side so far is the apparent lack of external microphone compatibility. Unfortunately, if your sound sucks so will your video. None the less, I think I’m still thinking this might be a camera worth keeping an eye on.

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  1. tom (May 30, 2007, 9:36 pm).

    I love it, bought mine a few weeks ago and I have really stepped up my photo taking and movie clips, can’t get enough! Performance wise the only problem I have encountered is the Tx1 will sometimes buffer an slower or older 4gb sd card during HD video recording( a faster card sdhc 150, sandisk preferred, solves the problem very nicely) but overall the camera is awesome!!

  2. robocat (October 29, 2008, 11:50 pm).

    I am an avid TX-1 user – I love being able to take it everywhere and I use it every day. However, I am guessing you didn’t decide to get one ;(

    If you want to find out more about them, then visit the TX-1 forums at (warning: biased crew – use your own judgement!!)

    If you like to play with your hardware, then I can really recommend a point&shoot Canon because you can “upgrade” the firmware to an open source hacked version with heaps of pro/techie features added. It is perfectly safe to do because it just runs off a file on your SD card (not flashed so no risk!). The developers wiki is here:
    And you can see some samples of the features with this search:

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