The Threadless of Button Art

120th Feb 2007Good Ideas

ButtonsI’ve been a fan of Threadless for a while but recently I came across

Prickie borrows from the Threadless concept but focuses on user generated button art instead of t-shirts. They have a hug selection of independent artists contributing all sorts of unique designs. Everything from funny little cartoons all the way to fancy line art buttons. Unlike Threadless, Prickie are less focused on the contesting and voting aspects of UGC merchandising and more focused on getting the art out and into circulation. They run small batches, let artists set their own prices, and take care of all the hard production work so artists can focus on making unique art pieces and not worrying about running a shop.

I’m sure the artists cut from Prickie is much less than that of similar Threadless t-shirt designs, but in many ways the buttons are much more unique and maybe even a little more creative. Heck, where else can you find one of a kind StarWars buttons for your laptop bag?

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  1. Razor (February 15, 2008, 7:21 am).

    Prickie has risen from the dead..checkout

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