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Ding Dong – Zune sucks even more…

126th Feb 2007Music

How pathetic is it that Microsoft now has to sponsor Frat parties to try and convince kids that the Zune isn’t sucky. While […]

OpenID Delegate WordPress Plugin

025th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

As OpenID takes over the internet one site at a time, it’s nice to see a WordPress plug-in that lets you delegate your […]

Video: ‘How I Got Fired from Apple’

324th Feb 2007Apple

The folks over at Lost Remote found this crazy poetry video by an ex-Apple call center dude who performed a really funny poem […]

Dashalytics Google Analytics Widget For OSX

323rd Feb 2007Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Dashalytics is by far my favourite new OSX Dashboard widget! This simple, yet highly useful, widget taps into your Google Analytics account and […]

Canon TX1 – digital still and HD video all in one

222nd Feb 2007Photography

Canon has stepped up the plate with an amazing new dual purpose camera that not only shoots 7.1 mega pixel still images, but […]

Titanium Dioxide + Cement = Pollution Eater!

221st Feb 2007Good Ideas

This evening while watching the CBC I caught a quick comment about a “new” self cleaning cement that may hold the promise of […]

The Threadless of Button Art

120th Feb 2007Good Ideas

I’ve been a fan of Threadless for a while but recently I came across Prickie borrows from the Threadless concept but focuses […]

Ikea Hacker

018th Feb 2007Good Ideas

Everyone loves Ikea at some point in their life. Most of us nerdy types take great joy in hacking Ikea furniture into useful […]

Gates vs. Jobs

118th Feb 2007Apple, Oddities

CurrentTV has a great Apple vs. PC parody that’s just hilarious! This is too good. You gotta love the Finder’s song and dance […]

Super Hero Dating Quiz

217th Feb 2007Oddities

Looking for love? Need a partner who’s out of this world? Check out the Super Hero Dating Quiz at Comicvine. Comicvine has teamed […]

Open Designs

017th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

Open Source has caused a revolution in the backend development world. If you want to build a site or integrate special features you […]

Thanks A Lot Air Canada

214th Feb 2007Oddities

Holy crap you might not believe it but Air Canada impressed me today. As you know the Keebler and I have been traveling […]

Welcome To My New RSS Subscribers

014th Feb 2007Good Ideas

After a quick peek at my feedburner metrics I seem to have attracted a number of new RSS subscribers over the last few […]

Stalker 2.0

014th Feb 2007Privacy

So I’m bored and sitting in the Denver airport with my flight delayed and I’m hours away from missing valentines day. Luckily I […]

RedDot at Summit 2007

013th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

Today is an awesome day. Keebler and I just did a kick ass presentation over at the RedDot Summit 2007 and impressed a […] – Worst Idea Of The Day

113th Feb 2007Apple

I came across the colour inserts for Apple laptop screen logos on and all I have to say is WTF! Seriously… does […]

Will Murai

010th Feb 2007Oddities

I literally StumbledUpon Will Murai’s portfolio and was throughly blown away by his illustrations. These are some of the most unique illustrations I […]

How to win Wii Tennis

010th Feb 2007Oddities

Wii Tennis is one addicting game. When the pressure is on and the game is heating up you need to have a solid […]


18th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

It’s not a surprise that people are growing more and more concerned about their privacy online. This is the exact reason Tor grabbed […]

Best eCards Ever!

08th Feb 2007Good Ideas, Oddities

Diesel Sweeties ridiculous ecards are the coolest and funniest around. Send some to your sweety stat!

Web2.0 Apps For Side Jobs

07th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

I don’t really tackle many side jobs anymore but if I did I’d be inclined to use Side Job Track in order to […]

Microsoft Now Supporting OpenID

17th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

So it looks like Microsoft has decided that it will support the OpenID standard. OpenID has been gaining steam lately but this is […]

Suicide Girls Now Appearing on Flickr

46th Feb 2007Quickbits, Tattoo and BodyMod

I’m a sucker for girls with tattoos. Lucky for me there are lots of them over on Flickr. Who needs a Suicide Girls […]

Steve Jobs Anti-DRM?

16th Feb 2007Apple, Music

Looks like Steve Jobs is only in the DRM game to appease the music labels. Steve was recently quoted as preferring a DRM […]


16th Feb 2007Apple

The video made me chuckle BUT if you do pick up a new Mac make sure you turn on the built in firewall. […]

Free Online Marvel Comics

15th Feb 2007Good Ideas

Smart Canucks have impressed me once again with their latest find – free online Marvel comics! Over at they have more than […]

Ultimate playlists with Finetune

15th Feb 2007Music is one of the neatest uses of a music recommendation system I’ve seen in the last little while. All you need to […]

Canada is a good place to innovate

45th Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve learned a lot about government incentives for innovative work in Canada. To my surprise and pleasure […]

So you bought a new Mac

153rd Feb 2007Quickbits

Seeing as Mac’s are popular and alot of my friend’s and family are making the switch, I figured it was about time to […]

Is Flickr Finally Selling Out?

12nd Feb 2007Code and Nerd Stuff

This certainly was not the best week for Flickr. In deciding to no longer support non Yahoo user accounts, Flickr and Yahoo may […]

Quote Of The Day

21st Feb 2007Oddities

“I think we should all get iPhone pizza. Jay gets a Zune pizza” – Neil Baylor UPDATED (Another good one we just remembered…) […]

Grape Juice is the New Red Wine (for me!)

01st Feb 2007Good Ideas

Looks like grape juice really is good for you and your heart… Red wine and certain types of grape juice have high levels […]