Make Your Mac Even More Phone Friendly

04th Jan 2007Apple, Good Ideas

BluePhone EliteLately I’ve been thinking a lot about Bluetooth and all the fun you can have with it. The BluePhoneElite delivers some of that fun by allowing you to connect your Bluetooth enabled phone to your Mac in order to SMS, see caller ID, make calls, and modify your phone settings directly from your OSX menu bar.

BluePhoneElite extends the calling features of your cell phone to OS X with a simple yet powerful interface. Dial, answer, hang up and hold calls with the touch of a button. Both incoming and outgoing calls are saved to a call log that includes the time, date and duration of the call, the phone that was used, and whether the call was answered, missed or ignored. You can even add notes to a call and export it to Apple’s Address Book or iCal!

Definitely yet another very unique OSX solution. SMS- ing from the desktop is a great feature and the fact that you can monitor both incoming calls, call logs, and phone system stats is very nice. I’m willing to bet that if the yet-announced and often rumoured Apple branded iPhone will have functionality similar to BluePhone. It would seem that the concept of the Apple iPhone and the functionality of BluePhone are a match made in geekdom.

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