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BBC Reboot

127th Apr 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

The BeeB is up for some design reboot fun. Help us discover what 2.0 looks like. We don’t just want you to […]

Virtualization in OSX-Intel is stunning

026th Apr 2006Apple

1 part OSX. 1 part WinXP 1 part RedHat Stir in Parallels MMMMM multi-OS goodness.

Designing for High DPI sites

124th Apr 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

The good folks on Apple’s Webkit team have posted a thoughtful article on the future requirement for handling high DPI websites. Consider a […]

Microsoft’s Mac Lab

121st Apr 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

David Weiss has documented a great photo tour of the Microsoft Mac Business Unit lab. I’m going to write a little bit more […]

DJ Vader

018th Apr 2006Oddities


Colbert Tattoos

013th Apr 2006Tattoo and BodyMod

Colbert is one of us… The Daily Show’s Stephen Colbert interviews a man about how tattooed people are being forced to move to […]

Quick Hack to minimize Firefox memory leak

010th Apr 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

For those suffering from excessive RAM usage by Firefox, this temporary hack seems to do the job. This little fix will move Firefox […]

Crazy Auto Origami

010th Apr 2006Oddities

If you’re into origami, this crazy Mitsubishi FTO will wet your whistle. To reproduce the FTO’s unique curved surfaces as closely as possible, […]

Milkman’s Action Sports Mini Clips

26th Apr 2006Bikes

Toni (aka Milkman) from Drop In fame has launched his own Action Sports video site powered by Google Video. Over on Pinkbike he […]

Web2.0 in a box

05th Apr 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

Ning is a new toolset (co-developed by Marc Andreessen) to allow developers to impliment social web apps quickly and easily. Ning is a […]

LASIK do it yourself surgery?

25th Apr 2006Oddities

Why the hell would anyone want to point lasers at their eyes and do self LASIK eye treatment at home? In the past, […]

Health Problems Related to the Geek Lifestyle

14th Apr 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

The hardcore geek lifestyle seems to be taking more and more casualties. I am a currently practicing board-certified Internal Medicine physician in a […]

AppZapper free today… maybe

03rd Apr 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Installing apps in OSX is easy. Drag and drop the icon package and yer done. That’s great until you want to uninstall and […]

Bob Ross Videogame?

23rd Apr 2006Oddities

WTF??? A Bob Ross video game is in the works? The Bob Ross game will utilize the unique inputs that the Nintendo DS […]

Zombie Survival Guide

01st Apr 2006Oddities

The zombies is a coming… I say they is a coming… For those just scrambling to catch up on what a zombie is […]