Essence of SHRED

06th Mar 2006Bikes

Steve RomaniukGreat article over on NSMB.e.MAGAZINE that captures the essence of “SHRED”.

Riders attitudes are made clear by their stance on the bike, their clothing, their rate of speed, the way they talk. Following Steve into Dirt Merchant, I noted his Demo 9, his Sombrio clothing, and his goggles. We dove into the little woodsy section at the top of the trail, and Steve immediately nosed the A-frame, got all cacked over the first step down, dropped straight into the small rock booter and railed into the first berm – first run, first moves, already pinned.

I wouldn’t call myself a Steve Romaniuk super fan, but you have to give the guy respect. He works really hard and always looks like he’s having a blast riding his bike. He’s a good embassador for the freeride scene and I’m sure he inspires alot of kids to get off the couch and do stuff.

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