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022nd Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

Looks like Kottke’s year long experiment in professional blogging went well, but not well enough to continue the experiment for another year.

I’m not going to be asking for contributions again. Part of it has to do with the reasons outlined at the bottom of this post. I haven’t grown traffic enough or developed a sufficient cult of personality to make the subscription model a sustainable one for kottke.org…those things just aren’t interesting to me.

If you read the rest of his post it seems like even the dream job of professional blog-dom is still a job. The micropayment idea is a nice one, but yet again, not one that is sustainable as a really solid business model. $40K is nothing to turn a nose up at, but considering it all came in the first month or so, many would consider the experiment a bit of a flop. That being said, I’m sure others will try and some may even be very successful with the right marketing plan.

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