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Anagram TTC Map

026th Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff, Oddities

After seeing the London tube map anagram style, the dude over at knocked out an Anagram TTC map for us Torontonians. Too […]

Urban DH Biker vs Brit in a Clio

626th Feb 2006Bikes, Good Ideas, Oddities, TV

Mike from Full Frontal turned me onto Top Gear a while ago when we noticed they had put alot of their stuff up […]

Internet Mom Love… GROSS!

125th Feb 2006Oddities

French dude spends six months wooing his hot internet girlfriend to find out it’s his mom. Skirt-chasing playboy Daniel Anceneaux spent weeks talking […]

The Lefty

023rd Feb 2006Bikes, Good Ideas

Prosthetics are pretty hardcore technology and usually cost a bundle. It’s cool to see innovative hacks that turn common bike parts into functional […]

Kottke 365

022nd Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

Looks like Kottke’s year long experiment in professional blogging went well, but not well enough to continue the experiment for another year. I’m […]

He didn’t know what to wear, so he made a website

121st Feb 2006Oddities

Take 1 dude who can’t dress. Add in a web backend. End up with a democratized site that determines what badly dressed dude […]

Red Bull SkyRide

020th Feb 2006Bikes

Leave it to Red Bull to throw a mid winter mountain bike event inside of a networked maze of office towers. Fifty mountain […]

Greatest Time Waster Ever

020th Feb 2006Oddities

I billion mazes, all in PDF format. I thought the MENSA test was a time suck. This is potentially a billion time worse… […]

eyeOS Web Based Desktop OS

019th Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

If you are really into Web2.0 and want to make the jump to “the network as your OS” you can with eyeOS. Welcome […]

Spam Karma 2.2

019th Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff

Have you been getting alot of WordPress comment spam lately? If the answer is YES!!!, you need Spam Karma 2.2. Spam Karma 2 […]

Smart Body Armour?

019th Feb 2006Bikes

Looks like the sports scientists have developed a unique process for developing smart body armour that remains flexible until impact. The lightweight bendable […]

Baby Skulls

019th Feb 2006Oddities, Tattoo and BodyMod

Check out this provocative art concept which appears to consist of tattoo’d baby skulls. Ok so they aren’t real skulls (read – ceramic […]

Silverstein @ The Mod Club

317th Feb 2006Music, Photography

Just saw Silverstein @ The Mod Club and they were amazing. Sounded great and even though I felt really old compared to all […]

Woot! – VJ Search is on iTunes

016th Feb 2006Music, TV

It’s official. Subscribe to the official iTunes podcast and watch VJ Search on your Video iPod. UPDATE – has an article on […]

Dean Kamen Invents Something Really Useful

016th Feb 2006Good Ideas

The Segway creator has invented a very cool set of appliances to generate loads of clean water and energy – specifically aimed at […]

Yahoo! Releases Design Pattern Library

016th Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

Check it out… Yahoo! just released their design pattern library to the general public. Welcome to the Yahoo! Design Pattern Library. We are […]

Valentine Visio Tricks

014th Feb 2006Code and Nerd Stuff, Good Ideas

Sitemap creation is one of those necessary steps in architecting a great website. Unfortunately the task usually sucks when you need to do […]

Pixel Art In 10 Easy Steps

012th Feb 2006Oddities

Pixel art comics are all the rage and this great tutorial unlocks the secret to beatiful pixel creatures in 10 easy steps. This […]

Star Wars Loving

012th Feb 2006Oddities

Star Wars is for lovers! Now send a card. Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a soulless abomination of a holiday invented by […]

The internet is for porn

011th Feb 2006Oddities

How to make your site look more 2.0-ish

04th Feb 2006Oddities

AJAX blah blah blah. 2.oooooooh. Big fonts, gradients, rounded corners, and you’ve got some lipstick on that good ol’ Web2.0 piggy. In order […]

Gimpshop 2.2.10 Now Available

04th Feb 2006Oddities

I’ve always been a heavy user of Photoshop, but I’ve also had an interest in the Gimp. Now, thanks to Gimpshop, PS and […]

Mac mini in a Mac SE/30

01st Feb 2006Apple, Code and Nerd Stuff

Old school Mac Mods are always fun, especially when they involve smooshing a new Mac Mini into a classic MacSE case – original […]